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Current Release | 0.99-6 |    

Dec. 2nd 2003 - We are currently experiencing some problems with the ARIA demo at The 'bc math' function in PHP does not seem to be working on the demo server, so floating point calculations may be imprecise or not working at all. If you notice any problems with this demo please send us a note.

Nov. 29th 2003 - Release ARIA-0.99-6: Added xmlrpc static library files for Gnue-report. Added version into Aria header. Updated Italian language files from Marco Taschin. Updated the Help index, though it is still messy at least it can run now :) Thank to Jeff Childers CSV import tools. Added menu for Item Import. Solved adding of a shipping method. Javascript of Item Transfer fixed. Corrected Min/Max Stock Level misplacement.

Nov. 8th 2003 - Windows documentation is now up. (thanks to Jeff Childers).

Sept. 10th 2003 - Release ARIA-0.99-5: ADODB update. Inventory Changes: Look up item now sorts by category and description. Modified database schema to allow new inventory unit/pack feature. Updated French language file. Minor interface changes. Minor bugfixes.

Aug. 12th 2003 - Release ARIA-0.99-3: File hierarchy restructure. All help files moved to seperate directory. Per page help link moved into footer (removed image link). Database filldata now includes Chart of Accounts and demo user. Single stock location item transfer option disabled. Lookup windows resized to accomodate larger selections. Minor interface tweaks. Demo site now available at

Aug. 6th 2003 - Release ARIA-0.99-2: ADODB has been updated to version 3.70. Per user language selection is now handled through the Admin module (see README.language). Minor documentation updates.

July 29th 2003 - Release ARIA-0.99: User can now select between left-right frame menu or horizontal/top menu, see Updated ADODB libraries, Jpgraph libraries and Barcode libraries. Improved Chinese language handling. Changed PHP short-tags to long tags. Improved install script. Removed redundant database scripts, please refer to setup directory for database handling. Minor bug fixes. Minor interface and CSS changes.

July 7th 2003 - It's been awhile since the last release. My apologies to all those using ARIA. The new release of ARIA-0.98 includes French and Spanish language files. Please note that these two files are "work-in-progress". An "Install Wizard" has been added to ARIA. This is also "work-in-progress" and will need to be tweaked a little until I can consider it ready. Please feel free to hack away at it and send me your suggestions. Thanks to Illka Huotari for the install script. A Blanket FSF copyright notice has been placed in every file. There has been some minor interface improvements as well as a few bug fixes and resolution of dead-links. Remember this is still considered a developmental release and although it works quit well in most cases there still remains work to be done until I can consider it ready for prime-time.

May 5th 2003 - Release ARIA-0.97.5-beta: Language handling is now array based. Included link to help file index at bottom of menu.

Apr. 21st 2003 - Release ARIA-0.97-beta: Additional language Chinese Traditional (Both big5 and Utf-8), ADOBO and Jpgraph updated. Login fix for windows (thanks Kurt Howerton).

Mar. 18th 2003 - Release ARIA-0.95-beta: Completed language modularization, Improved/Updated documentation, Added navigational bar.

Feb. 18th 2003 - Release ARIA-0.92.5-beta: Fixed numeric floating problem.

Feb. 17th 2003 - Release ARIA-0.91.0-beta: Includes several interface fixes and code cleanup.

Feb. 15th 2003 - Initial public release of ARIA-0.90.0-beta.

Known Bugs   

0.97 Beta
  • Inventory: Composite items will not decrease even if shipment has been sent.

All known bug's from Nola 1.2 have been fixed:

  • Javascrpit Calendar not running in Mozilla
  • Wrong formula on Profit and Lost on General Ledger
  • Item category DB problem
  • Payroll cannot add employee problem
  • Vender phone number problem

If you find any bug's in ARIA please do check the BUG report on Sourceforge and feel free to tell us.

Honeydew List   

  • Rewrite part's of ARIA so that it is highly customizable for printing report's.
  • Build a new installation so that install will be point and click (am I dreaming?)
  • Documentation (Open source projects always have this problem, so we do)
  • Multi-Language Translation (How about multi-currency, and etc)
  • Improve according to the demand of the user of ARIA.

So drop us your feature request.

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