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ARIA development began in the fall of 2002 due to a growing dissatisfaction with the development cycle of NOLA. ARIA is based off NOLA from Noguska and you can easily switch from NOLA to ARIA without any change in the database, as they are from the same source code. Since ARIA currently enjoys an almost nightly development track, it has far fewer bugs.

ARIA is written in PHP and incorporates the MySQL database. You only need a web server that supports PHP and a MySQL database, both of which are supported by almost all operating systems.

ARIA uses ADODB as the database library, so theoretically speaking it is compatible with any DB that ADODB supports, you just need to port the existing database to the one you like. With the use of ADODB, you can help us to run ARIA within the type of DB you like and free from DB restrictions.

ARIA contains Accounting, Receiving and Inventory Management and Payroll.

  • You are actually getting an ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) solution.
  • You could control your cash flow wisely and effectively.

ARIA is GPL (General Public License) software. For information concerning the GPL please visit GNU - FSF.

  • You are free from being controlled by the traditional software license's and waiting for any security patch.
  • You can have your own hack, and patch as you like with the condition that you submit it to share with all people.

For more information please visit the main ARIA project page.

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